Pay less.
Pay mobile.
Be Waow.

WAOW is more than just a payment system!
Enjoy a minimum discount of 2% when you transform your bank card into a Win Forever.

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Minimum discount of 2%

Grocery shopping or is the next round at the pub on you? If you see a green terminal, you get a discount of at least 2%. After all, you want to keep more of your money, not less, right? Download the WAOW app and get a discount every time you pay.

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Easy registration!

It’s easy to register via the WAOW app. All that’s needed for your registration is the link to your eID. After you’ve taken care of this, you can enjoy all of the advantages of WAOW.

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Win Forever

With WAOW, you’re guaranteed an advantage. On top of the discount of at least 2%, you also enjoy exclusive deals and an always up-to-date list of hotspots where you can benefit from special offers. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all these great perks for the rest of your life, now would you?

Curious about where you can pay with WAOW?